Poster Presentations

Posters will be on display during Exhibit Hall Hours in the rear of the Exhibit Hall.  Authors of each poster will be present for discussion during the Poster Reception, Wednesday, September 26, from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Beer, wine, and light appetizers will be served.

Posters are listed by primary track.


 Animal Management, Health & Welfare

A Team-based Approach to Evaluating Animal Welfare Using a Giraffe Feeding Encounter as an Example

  • Bonnie Baird, Associate Curator of Research, North Carolina Zoo
  • Laura Bernstein-Kurtycz, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Amphibian Head Start Programs: Traditional Rearing Methods vs. a Mesocosm Approach for the Oregon Spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) Using Dermal Microbiome Comparisons

  • Alyssa Borek, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo

An Enrichment Meta-Analysis: Reassessing Our Past to Plan for the Future

  • Eduardo Fernandez, Animal Behaviorist, Woodland Park Zoo

Analysis of Microhabitat Choice & Social Dynamics in Captive California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus)

  • Karyn Orth, Graduate Student, Colorado State University & Denver Zoo
  • Emily Insalaco, Curator of Behavioral Husbandry and Animal Ambassadors, Denver Zoo

Assessing Oxytocin Variation in Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in North American Zoos

  • Austin Leeds, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Assessment of Fecal Glucocorticoid Metabolites of Cortisol and Corticosterone in Captive Northern Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni)

  • Amy Olsen, Laboratory Specialist, Seattle Aquarium

Becoming a Silverback: Leonel’s Story

  • Traci Colwell, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Martin Ramirez, Animal Curator, Woodland Park Zoo

Effects of Temperature on the Behavior of Lake Titicaca Frogs (Telmatobius culeus)

  • Jennifer Brady, Master's Candidate, Colorado State University

Birds and Bromeliads: Managing Healthy Ecosystems

  • Joanna Klass, Zookeeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Ashley Flagg-Neafcy, Lead Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Robyn Russnogle, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo

Can Visual Barriers Reduce Pacing in Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) and Brown Bears (U. arctos)?

  • Sierra Semel, Graduate Student, Western Illinois University

Characterization of Reproductive Cycles and Glucocorticoid Production in Banteng (Bos javanicus) through Fecal Hormone Analyses

  • Corinne P. Kozlowski, Endocrinologist, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Helen Clawitter, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Karen L. Bauman, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Tim Thier, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Martha Fischer, Saint Louis Zoo
  • David Powell, Saint Louis Zoo

Check Out the Center for Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare and Ethics’ Resource Center: No Library Card Required

  • Matthew Heintz, Research Associate, Detroit Zoological Society
  • Stephanie Allard, Director of Animal Welfare, Detroit Zoological Society

Cognitive Enrichment for Common Octopuses (Octopus vulgaris) and Similar Species

  • Catie Barber, Enrichment Designer, Butterfly Pavilion and Colorado State University
  • Sara Stevens, Aquarist, Butterfly Pavilion
  • Mary Ann Colley, M.Ed., Vice President off Science and Conservation, Butterfly Pavilion

Dam-cub Interactions of Captive Red Pandas (Ailurus fulgens) During the 24 Hours Post-parturition

  • Elizabeth Freeman, Associate Professor, George Mason University

Elephant Welfare Initiative: The Evolution of Cincinnati Zoo's Elephant Program

  • Christina Gorsuch, Curator of Mammals, Cincinnati Zoo

Elephants to Eleodes: Ensuring Success when Introducing Non-invertebrate Keepers to a Zoological Invertebrate Area

  • Megan Blandford, Zookeeper, Woodland Park Zoo

Enrichment Assessment for Geriatric African Old World Monkeys Under Human Care

  • Amanda Osborne, Student, Central Washington University

Exploring Comparative Cognition Through Object Discrimination Training

  • Megan Jones, Student, Colorado State University and Pueblo Zoo

A Lean Workshop: Footbath Census

  • Kim Szawan, Animal Care Manager, Woodland Park Zoo

Illuminating the Avian Experience: Designing Optimal Light Environments for Birds in Managed Care

  • David Orban, Animal Excellence Coordinator, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Impact of Anthropogenic Sounds on the Welfare of Zoo Animals

  • Catherine Pelletier, M.Sc. Student, Concordia University

Individual Welfare, Individualized Analysis: Evaluation of Strategies Designed to Reduce Stereotypic Pacing in an African lion (Panthera leo)

  • Christina Alligood, Behavior Scientist, Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Angela Miller, Behavioral Husbandry Manager, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Management of an Indoor Walkthrough Aviary

  • Joanna Klass, Zookeeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Katrina Lindahl, Lead Gardener, Woodland Park Zoo

Management Techniques and Treatments for Chronic Foot Problems in Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus indicus)

  • Wendy Gardner, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Deanna DeBo, Animal Care Manager, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Harmony Frazier, LVT, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Kimberly Dawson, LVT, Woodland Park Zoo

Measuring and Mediating Artificial Light

  • Michelle Wood, Research Associate, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Methods for Quantifying Pacing Behavior in Zoo-Housed Bears

  • Laura Bernstein-Kurtycz, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Monitoring Salivary Progesterone, 17ß-estradiol, and Testosterone in Captive Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) using Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Techniques

  • Angela Smith, Laboratory Specialist, Seattle Aquarium
  • Carol Jackson, Seattle Aquarium
  • Lisa Triggs, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
  • Amy Olsen, Seattle Aquarium
  • Shawn Larson, Seattle Aquarium

Nutritional Survey of Diets Fed to Matschie’s Tree Kangaroos (Dendrolagus matschiei) in Human Care

  • Beth Carlyle-Askew, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Deanna DeBo, Animal Care Manager, Woodland Park Zoo

Quality of Life Evalution and Monitoring as a Welfare Tool

  • Deanna DeBo, Animal Care Manager, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Kelly Helmick, DVM, MS, DACZM, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
  • Allison Barr, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Amy Brandt, Animal Keeper, Woodland Park Zoo

Reduction of Aggression in a Captive Prairie Dog Colony Through Observation and Under Ground Burrow Mapping

  • Izabela Horzempa, Student, Fairfield University

A Change of Pace: Systematic Behavioral Monitoring During New Winter Night Event Results in Management Changes and a Decrease in Overall Stereotypic Behavior in a Female Grizzly Bear

  • Stephanie Miner, Behavioral Husbandry Manager, Akron Zoological Park
  • Kristen Scaglione, Animal Keeper II, Akron Zoological Park

The Animal Welfare Compass: A Model for Putting Science into Practice

  • Sharon Joseph, Director of Animal Welfare and Research, Denver Zoo
  • Hollie Colahan, Denver Zoo
  • Marty MacPhee, Denver Zoo

The Art of Naturalistic Enrichment - Using Palm Leaf as an Eco-Conscious Enrichment Material

  • Sarah Feliciano, Enrichment Specialist, Chicago Zoological Society
  • Matthew Owens Enrichment Specialist, Chicago Zoological Society
  • Tom Dorairaj, Patra® Eco-Dinnerware

The Behavioral Enrichment Animal Research (BEAR) Group:  Academic Research in the Modern Zoo

  • Eduardo Fernandez, Animal Behaviorist, Woodland Park Zoo

The Feline Smorgasbord: Development and Validation of a Reinforcer Preference Assessment for African Lions

  • Angela Miller, Behavioral Husbandry Manager, Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Christina Alligood, Behavior Scientist, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Analysis of Social Structure and Use of Human-Animal Provisioning Programs in Reticulated and Masai Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis)

  • Fatima Ramis, Master’s Candidate University of North Florida, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Michaela Mohr, University of North Florida
  • Valerie Segura, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Dan Maloney, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Quincy Gibson, University of North Florida
  • Terry Maple, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Value of Clinical Research for Reproductive-based Conservation Medicine in Zoo Environments

  • Molly Corder, Graduate Student, Colorado State University
  • Dr. Anneke Moresco, Denver Zoo
  • Dr. Alonso Aguirre, George Mason University

Treatment Analysis of a Captive Male Jaguar

  • Megan Morris, Animal Behavior and Wellness Specialist, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Valerie D. Segura, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Dan Maloney, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
  • Terry L. Maple, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Use of a Sound Level Meter to Track Cub Nursing in Sloth Bears (Melursus ursinus)
  • Christine Anne, Lead Zookeeper, Woodland Park Zoo

Using Preference Tests to Improve Enclosure Design and Optimize Husbandry of the Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (Grammostola rosea Walckenaer, 1837)

  • Gabriella Garcia, Student, Colorado State University

What The Flock? Balancing Guest Expereince with Animal Welfare

  • Rachel Salant, Animal Care Manager- Ambassador Animals & Behavioral Husbandry, Woodland Park Zoo

When a Habitat Becomes a Home: Housing and Husbandry of Spotted Hyenas (crocuta crocuta) at Disney's Animal Kingdom

  • Lauren Robinson, Research Fellow, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Whole Health Initiative: Having a M.A.S.S.ive Impact on Zoo Medicine

  • Harmony Frazier, LVT, Animal Rehabilitation and Massage Practitioner, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Kristin K Shaw, DVM, PhD, DACVS, DACVSMR, Medical Director, SOUND Veterinary Rehabilitation Center
  • Darin Collins, DVM, Director of Animal Health, Woodland Park Zoo

Business Operations

Highlights of the 2018 Green Summit: Developing a Green Culture at the Toronto Zoo

  • Kyla Greenham, Curator Conservation & Environment, Toronto Zoo

Highlights of the 2018 Green Summit: Engaging Staff

  • Liz Larsen, Director of Conservation, Utah's Hogle Zoo

Highlights of the 2018 Green Summit: Lighting up Avondale: A Community LED Project

  • Fia Turczynewycz, Sustainable Communities Advocate, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Highlights of the 2018 Green Summit: PlanetVision

  • Elizabeth Bagley, Manager of Environmental Sustainability Education and Engagement, California Academy of Sciences
Highlights of the 2018 Green Summit: Waste Metrics Driving a 'Zero Waste' Movement at Woodland Park Zoo
  • Zosia Brown, Resource Conservation and Sustainability Supervisor, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Kaitlyn Welzen, Recycling and Compost Coordinator, Woodland Park Zoo

Streamlining Crate and Kennel Inventory Management at Woodland Park Zoo

  • Krista Adelhardt, Animal Management Registrar, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Mark Myers, Animal Curator, Woodland Park Zoo



Assessing the Timing and Rate of Fur Growth in Zoo Polar Bears

  • Jennifer Stern, Graduate Student, University of Washington

Decreasing the Common Practice of Bread Feeding at Waterfowl Ponds by Increasing Public Awareness with a Bread Exchange Program

  • Renee Roybal, Graduate Student, Colorado State University and the ABQ BioPark

Assiniboine Park Zoo's Grassland Butterfly Conservation Program

  • Laura Burns, Conservation Research Specialist, Assiniboine Park Zoo

Inspiring Conservationists: Engaging Volunteers in Citizen Science Projects About Species in Their Own

  • David Hudson, Research Scientist, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Captive Breeding and Reintroduction of the Vancouver Island Marmot (Marmota vancouverensis)

  • Malcolm McAdie, Wildlife Veterinarian, Marmot Recovery Foundation

Conservation Networks: Are Zoos and Aquariums Leading through Partnerships?

  • Lily Maynard, Conservation Program Manager, Disney's Animals, Science, and Environment
  • Dr. Susan Jacobson, University of Florida

Development of a Non-lethal Conflict Mitigation Toolbox Used for Minimizing Human-carnivore Conflict in Kenya

  • Sonora Kameron, Student, Colorado State University

Genetic Monitoring of the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis): From Captive Breeding to Wild Populations

  • Stacey Nerkowski, PhD Student, University of Idaho

If the World Were So Bright: Examining the Effects of Artificial Light at Night on Behavior

  • Kelly Jackson, Graduate Student, Bowling Green State University

Planting Seeds of Conservation Across the Generations: The TeMPEST Internship Garden at the Maritime Odyssey Preschool in Norwalk, CT

  • Lauren Magliola, Early Childhood Specialist, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
  • Avalon Bunge, STEM Education Specialist, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
  • Bridget Cervero, Education Manager, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

One Small Step for a Polar Bear, One Giant Leap for Conservation Science

  • Sara Morgan, Marine Life Keeper, Oregon Zoo

Rescued Green Turtle Impacted by Marine Debris

  • Walter Tang, Aquarium Curator (Marine Exhibits), Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong
  • Ken Lee, Aquarium Supervisor, Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong

Save our Scavengers: A Community Engagement Approach to Protect Botswana’s Vultures

  • Molly Maloy, Graduate & Adult Programs Manager, Denver Zoo

The Importance of Insect Translocations for Conservation

  • Sarah Nason, MSc Student, Université du Québec à Montréal
Zoo-based Adaptive Management Facilitates Informed Species Reintroduction Efforts
  • Brian Blais, Wildlife Conservation Graduate Researcher, University of Arizona // Arizona Center for Nature Conservation—Phoenix Zoo
Development/Fundraising & Membership

Building Your Pyramid: Prospecting for a Successful Capital Campaign

  • Derek Grossman, Professional Science Master's Student/Development Intern, Colorado State University/Denver Zoo



Amphibian Monitoring & Citizen Science: One Grant Spawns Three Very Different Programs

  • Jenny Mears, Community Engagement Coordinator, Woodland Park Zoo
Building a Conservation Mindset through Citizen Science Efforts Targeting Local Species
  • Bridget Cervero, Education Supervisor, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
  • Dave Hudson, Research Scientist, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Connecting and Enhancing Youth Programs Across AZA with a Focus on Youth Leadership

  • Rachael Coccia, Director of Youth Initiatives, The Ocean Project

Conservation through Community Service

  • Claire Lannoye-Hall, Curator of Education, Detroit Zoological Society

Conservation Education: Are They Picking Up What We're Putting Down?

  • Nichole Nageotte, Student, Indiana University

Creating Actionable Messages About Plastic Pollution at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

  • Katharine Nalven, Graduate Student, Oregon State University/ Oregon Coast Aquarium
Do Local Species Cultivate Stronger Conservation Attitudes in US Zoo Visitors?
  • Mireille Bejjani, Student, Stanford University

Examining the Effect of Early Informal STEM Experiences on STEM Identity: The Importance of Talking Science

  • Remy Dou, Clinical Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Expanding Your Reach: The Fundamentals of Virtual Programming

  • Kyra Thurow, Education Instructor, Greenville Zoo

Exploring Audience Perceptions of Terminology at Woodland Park Zoo & Seattle Aquarium

  • Mary Jackson, Audience Research Supervisor, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Claire Bennett
  • Emma Cantrell
  • Jenny Fisher
Inspiring and Measuring Positive Conservation Behavior Change in Zoos and Aquariums
  • Lauren Gibson

Keeping the Aquarium Relevant in a New Educational Landscape: NGSS-based Teacher Training and Student Programs

  • Nicole Rosenfeld, Education Manager; Captain, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Live from New York, It's Wildlife Live! Using Live Streaming as a Way to Broaden Reach

  • Alex Garretson, Animal Husbandry Specialist, American Museum of Natural History
  • Kristen Olson, Senior Coordinator, American Museum of Natural History

Inquiry Based Education: A Review of Current Program Outcomes

  • Erin Shultz, Community Outreach Coordinator, WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium

People Matter Too: The Role of Education in Global Species Management Planning

  • Jamie Jackson, Youth Development Coordinator, Audubon Zoo

Professionalizing the Profession of Informal Science Educator: Reflecting on Practice

  • Ardice Hartry, Director of Research & Impact, University of California, Berkeley

Put Them In the Zoo: Taking College Students on Zoo Field trips

  • Mary Gunther, Instructor, Salisbury University

Reinterpreting Wings of the World: Connecting Families to Nature through Birds

  • Shasta Bray, Manager of Interpretive Exhibits, Visitor Research, Conservation Comm & Fun, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Show Us Your Mussels! Student-designed Digital Media Campaigns Spread the Word about Mussels and Water Conservation

  • Carol Strecker, Senior Director of Education, Minnesota Zoo

Student Lead River Research Program (SLRRP) - How the Use of SUbersible UPwelling SYstems (SUPSYs) are Spreading a Hopeful Conservation Biology Message to Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin High School Students

  • Jared McGovern, Education Programs Manager, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Swinging Down From the Ivory Tower: Scientific Outreach and Learning in Zoological Parks

  • Caroline Jones, Doctoral Student Researcher, University of Georgia

Theory of Action for Pro-Environmental Behavior Change at Zoos and Aquariums

  • Nicolette Canzoneri, Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University

There and Back Again: Virtual Exploration and Real Life Science

  • Marsh Myers, Manager of Education Innovation, Oregon Coast Aquarium

Uncharted Territory: Creating Meaningful, Personal Connections Through First Voices Interpretation at McDonnell Polar Bear Point

  • Lisa Lidgus, Conservation Education Liaison, Saint Louis Zoo

Upgrading Toddler Time: STEM and Conservation in Early Learning

  • Hollie Brandstatter, Early Childhood Instructor and Senior Educator, The Maritime Aquarium

Using Social Norming to Move Zoo Visitors to Conservation Action: A Case Study

  • Katura Reynolds, Lead Learning Facilitator, Interpretive Content, Woodland Park Zoo

Virtual Reality at the Zoo: Effects on Empathy and Behavior

  • Kirinne Slaughter, #byetobags Program Coordinator, Saint Louis Zoo
Visual Thinking Strategies in Science: One Educational Tool, Two Different Worlds, and Three Engaging Questions
  • Cari Garand, Training and Onboarding Coordinator, Seattle Aquarium

Wild Wise - Students Designing Solutions to Help Amphibians

  • Katie Remine, Science & Conservation Education Supervisor, Woodland Park Zoo
  • Kelly Lindmark, School Partnerships Interim Lead Learning Facilitator, Woodland Park Zoo

Public Relations & Marketing

Overall Experience Rating (OER): What Could be Better than Excellent?

  • Nick Visscher, Audience Research & Evaluation Manager, Denver Zoo

Refreshing a Zoo’s Brand to Reflect Modern Values: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Perceived Messages

  • Kirby Beranger, Graduate Student, Colorado State University

World Oceans Day & the AZA Community

  • Samantha Mackiewicz, World Oceans Day Director, The Ocean Project

Zoophoria: The Value of Documenting and Sharing Zoo History

  • Grayson Ponti, Writer, Zoophoria

Volunteer & Docent Management

RIZE: A New Strategy for Engaging Student Volunteers
  • Ashley Byun, Associate Professor, Fairfield University

Students as Primary Caretakers: Advising, Collaborating, Empowering

  • Dakota Farquhar-Caddell, Associate Director of Student Activities, Baylor University

Summer of Fun: Growing Volunteer Culture through Seasonal Programming

  • Julianne Waddell, Guest Engagement Coordinator, Denver Zoo

Staff Perception of Volunteer Roles and Its Effect on Volunteer Satisfaction

  • Meredith Williams, Master's Candidate in Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management, Colorado State University

Trends & More

Dare 2 Care: Developing a Program to Manage Compassion Fatigue Amongst Animal Caregivers

  • Rita Bellanca, Research Scientist 3, Washington National Primate Research Center

Evaluation of Guest Experience for Visitors with Disabilities at the Alaska SeaLife Center

  • Misty Chance, Student, Colorado State University

Finding Common Ground in Animal Law

  • Delcianna Winders, Visiting Scholar; Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University; PETA Foundation

Playful Exploration: The Design Potential of Zoo Walkways

  • Barbara Brem, Landscape Architect; International Correspondent, ZooLex Zoo Design Organization

Whatever is Natural: Visitor Perceptions of Carcass Feeding at Denver Zoo

  • Brad SoRelle, Master's Student, Colorado State University
  • Nick Visscher, Audience Research and Evaluation Manager, Denver Zoo

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