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Poster Information

Posters are particularly well suited for presentations of complex and technical methods and/or results. Poster presentations allow the audience more time to digest complex information and promote discussion between presenters and their audience. Posters typically reach a wider audience than short talks because they are on display for several days following the formal poster session. 

For examples,
download Poster Presentations from past Annual Conferences (Members Only). For Non-Members, here are two sample posters:

Presentations must be educational in nature and not actively promote any particular product, service, brand, or company.

Poster Construction Requirements

  • The freestanding poster boards will be 8 feet long and 4 feet high (landscape orientation); the bottom edge of the poster board is typically 30 inches above the floor. Two posters occupy each side of the poster board (i.e., four posters per freestanding board).
  • Each poster may occupy a space no more than 43 inches long and 40 inches high.
  • Posters may be affixed to the poster board using pushpins. Pushpins will be provided.
  • Poster Format Requirements:
    • A title - recommended font = 72 pt
    • List of authors, and author affiliations – recommended font = 36-42 pt
    • Section or sub-title  headings – recommended font = 28-32 pt
    • Abstract (when applicable) – recommended font = 20-24 pt
    • Text, tables, and figures (when applicable) – recommended font = 24-32 pt
    • Acknowledgements and references cited (when applicable) – recommended font = 20-24 pt
  • Poster Presenters are expected to:
    • Be an author of the poster
    • Be prepared to provide expanded descriptions of the poster during the Poster Reception
    • Be an expert on the discipline and issues covered by the poster
    • Register for the Conference
    • Put up the poster between 7:00-9:30 am on Tuesday, September 17
    • Stand by the poster during the Poster Reception from 5:30-7:00 pm on Wednesday, September 18
    • It is recommended that presenters attach contact information below the poster for attendees interested in obtaining more information

AZA requires that all poster presenters submit an electronic copy of their poster, approximately three weeks prior to the Conference, before the poster has been printed. 

Post-Conference Recognition
Following the Conference, Poster Presenters will be given the opportunity to post their presentation online for members to access. This will give presenters an opportunity to share their findings with a larger audience and will give conference attendees a chance to find out more information on presentations.

Contact AZA’s Events Coordinator, Bridgett Owen.