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Calgary is a place on the fringe - familiar, but largely undiscovered. From its bustling downtown to character-filled neighbourhoods, Calgary is full of secrets, surprises, and stories — and Calgarians are eager to share those experiences with the world. Renowned for its warm western hospitality, Calgary prides itself on being the Ultimate Host City. With one of the world’s most modern, welcoming airports, world-class accommodations and venues, an exploding culinary, arts and culture scene, and an impressive list of attractions and activities to suit every type of visitor, Calgary is a city that delivers a remarkable experience from arrival to departure. View the Calgary Zoo's top recommendations or visit the Tourism Calgary website to plan your trip today!

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Calgary is world renowned for innovative, creative and unique cuisine. In the downtown core alone, there are over 200 restaurants. From exquisite fine dining to casual cowboy fare, Calgary’s cuisine is sure to tantalize every palate.
From the shops and restaurants of 17th Avenue to the live music venues of Inglewood, there is no better way to experience Calgary than to explore one of its neighbourhoods. Wander the best neighbourhoods in the city, meet the locals, and get an insider’s view into what makes Calgary such a vibrant place.
To make the most of your visit, we’ve gathered discounts & offers with over 40 restaurants, attractions, shops, and tours for you to explore when you have time and there’s a break in your meeting or event programming. These offers are valid until December 15, 2024, unless otherwise noted. Register for the pass with your designated event promo code: AZA2024