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 Animal Management, Health & Welfare
Topics that fall within the track include, but may not be limited to, animal care, husbandry, health/veterinary care, wellbeing, enrichment, behavioral husbandry, welfare assessments & assessment application, registrar duties such as shipping & permits, animal & staff safety, nutrition, animal staff recruitment/management/retention & DEIA, taxa/species specific sessions, use of technology in animal care, and pest management.
Tim Van Loan
Amy Roberts 
Gary Lunsford
 Aquarium Affairs
Proposals addressing aquarium-specific topics including but not limited to marine-related animal research and studies, aquarium trends and challenges, and marine and coastal ecosystem conservation efforts.
Larry Warner
Will Elgar
 Business Operations
Covers best practices in business operations, emerging financial issues, revenue-generation and expense management, guest experiences, and green and sustainable practices in partnership with the Green Scientific Advisory Group (GSAG).
Sean Greene
Topics including, but not limited to, scaling conservation impact, best practice learnings to support greater effectiveness, DEAI/indigenous and community-led approaches to nature preservation, social science efforts that are driving conservation behavior change, innovation/tech solutions to accelerate success, proven measurement and evaluation tools to assess impact, efforts to integrate environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation, and topics that are aligned with global goals and frameworks (IUCN, CBD, SDGs, SAFE, etc.). Submissions aligned to the above will be prioritized over general conservation project report-outs.  
Renee Bumpus
Claire Martin
 Development & Membership
Sessions focus on various fundraising and membership related topics, in an effort to learn from peers of various sizes and locations. We seek to highlight best practices, emerging trends, and more.
Amy Lazoff
Topics that fall within this track include education, learning, and engagement efforts and programs across audiences, formats, and delivery methods as well as topics such as DEAI; conservation action; evaluation and research; leadership and staff development, and revenue generation when focused on education teams or programming.   
Allison Price
Amy Rutherford
 Public Relations & Marketing
Topics that fall within this track include, but are not limited to, inventive strategies for championing wildlife conservation, enhancing visitor engagement, and establishing compelling institutional brands through advertising as well as earned and owned media. 
Jennifer Porter
Jackie Wallace
 Volunteer & Intern Engagement
This track covers a variety of topics specific to engagement with volunteers and interns, including recruitment, training, program management, communication, program culture and DEIA.The primary objectives for this track include networking with diverse peers, staying informed on emerging trends and acquiring practical strategies to advance the collective impact of community involvement in conservation and mission of AZA.
Laura Chapman
 Workplace Culture, Staff Engagement, & Professional Development
Covers an array of people-related topics including, but not limited to leadership, employee engagement, DEAI, and growing the skills of the people at your facility. 
Mike Allen
Misha Body
 Trends & More
Topics that fall within this track include but are not limited to trends within the zoo and aquarium industry, zoo/aquarium design, strategic/facility/interpretive planning, construction, capital campaigns, maintenance, horticulture, human resources, professional development, data/technology, safety, and AZA Promises. Additionally, includes topics related to the mission of the AZA Trends Committee.
Dean Watanabe
Megan Nielsen Hegstad