September 20-24
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September 20
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Register Today!

See below for detailed information regarding pricing and categories.

Full and Daily registrations include recording access for 90 days after the Conference.

Helpful Information

  • Accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. Check payments must be received within 30 days of registering or your registration will be canceled.
  • Reminder - registrations are nonrefundable.

  On or Before Friday, August 20 After Friday, August 20
  Full Registration Daily Registration Full Registration Daily Registration
Individual Member
Commercial Member
Conservation Partner
$295 $95 $395 $95
Student Member $125 $45 $175 $45
Non-Member $435 $165 $495 $165

Group Registration Discount Details

  • Please coordinate with your Director, Executive Assistant, CFO, COO, or similar position assigned to represent all departments within your organization. That individual should contact with the names of all individuals from your organization who will be registering for the Conference. AZA will provide a discount code that all staff should use when registering. Be sure to reach out to AZA before any staff register.
  • No refunds will be processed for registrations submitted without the provided discount code.
  • By using the discount code provided by AZA, you understand that your zoo or aquarium must register a certain number of attendees for the Virtual Annual Conference by Friday, August 20. If your zoo or aquarium does not register the specified number of attendees by Friday, August 20, you understand the discount code will be removed from all registrations and you give AZA permission to charge the credit card on file the 10% balance due.
  • Group discount is only valid for registrations submitted prior to the Friday, August 20 Early Bird Deadline. After August 20, the discount code is no longer valid.
  • Discount is only available to AZA-accredited members and Certified Related Facilites.
  • Individuals’ registration fee is based on their individual member status at the time of registration.
  • Tiers are based on the current dues budget on file with AZA.
  • Employees of AZA member Society Partners that want to take advantage of the discount must do so in coordination with their accredited institution Director. Zoos, aquariums, and Society Partners can combine their staff registrations for discount purposes. The annual budget amount will be based on the zoo or aquarium’s annual budget.
Annual Budget Number of Registrations to Receive 10% Discount
Under $9,999,999 8 and over attendees
$10,000,000 - $14,999,999 10 and over attendees
$15,000,000 - $19,999,999 12 and over attendees
$20,000,000 - $59,999,999 20 and over attendees
Over $60,000,000 40 and over attendees


AZA Individual Members An individual’s registration fee is determined by membership status at the time of registration. Employees at an AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium or related facility must be an individual member of AZA in order to receive the member rate.

If you are interested in becoming an Individual Member of AZA, please contact AZA Membership Services.
Non-Members Non-member registration is only open to individuals employed by a zoo, aquarium, non-profit organization, or government agency. Non-member registration is not open to individuals employed by a non-member commercial entity (a company that provides products or services to zoos and aquariums, including consultants).Consultants or individuals representing a commercial entity that is not a current Commercial Member, Conservation Partner, or Exhibitor, are not eligible to register for the conference.
Commercial Members Commercial Members are eligible to register up to 8 representatives from their company, at the member rate. All Commercial Members must be in good standing and dues paid through 2021 in order to attend the conference. 

If you are interested in becoming an AZA Commercial Member or Sponsor, please contact Jessican Heckendorn.

Solicitation of attendees by non-sponsors is prohibited and individuals will be subject to expulsion.
Society Partners Employees of organizations that are Society Partners must be individual members in order to receive the member rate.
Conservation Partners Conservation Partners are eligible to register up to 3 representatives from their organization, at the member rate. Additional representatives beyond 3 should register at the Non-Member rate. All Conservation Partners must be in good standing and dues paid through 2021 in order to register at the member rate. 

If you are interested in becoming an AZA Conservation Partner, please contact AZA Membership Services.
Student Members Only open to AZA Student Members who are not currently employed full-time. A Non-Member Student discount is not available.

For more information about AZA Student membership, contact AZA Membership Services.

Code of Conduct
AZA is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and AZA staff. Each and every participant, including attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, Association staff, and service providers, is expected to understand and follow policies in all in-person and virtual spaces. These expectations apply to all AZA meeting-related events, including those held in conjunction with AZA conferences.

Personal Safety and Security
AZA works with online technicians, speakers, and vendors to provide a safe and secure environment for all meeting participants. We ask that all attendees report any questionable activity to AZA for immediate action. No concern is too small – if you see or hear something, say something. Click on the help button at the top right of the website and reach out to the AZA staff person listed. 

Unacceptable Conduct

  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form.
  • Any abuse, including physical, verbal or non-verbal abuse, of any attendee, speaker, volunteer, exhibitor, AZA staff member, service provider, or any other meeting guest.
  • Disruption of any presentation, during session presentations, in the exhibit hall, or at any events organized by AZA during the meeting or other AZA-contracted online platform.
  • Harassing photography.
  • Recording of presentations and other sessions without permission from the presenter and intent to distribute. Photographing slides of oral presentations, taking screenshots of chat room/Q&A activity and taking photos of posters without permission from the presenter – with intent to distribute.
  • Violating the rules and regulations of the virtual event.
  • Examples of unacceptable behavior include comments (verbal or written) related to gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, national origin, political affiliation; inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or in presentations; or threatening or stalking any attendee, speaker, volunteer, exhibitor, AZA staff member, service provider, or other meeting guests.
Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel uncomfortable, offended, humiliated and/or intimidated. Examples of conduct or behavior which constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:
Physical conduct
  • Physical violence, including sexual assault
  • Unwelcome physical contact or inappropriate touching
  • The use of threats or rewards to solicit sexual favors
Verbal/Written conduct
  • Comments or insults based on appearance, age, private life, etc.
  • Sexual comments, stories, or jokes
  • Sexual advances
  • Repeated and unwanted social invitations for dates or physical intimacy
  • Condescending or sexist remarks
  • Sending sexually explicit messages (by phone or electronically)
Non-verbal conduct
  • Display of sexually explicit or suggestive material or images
  • Sexually suggestive gestures
  • Whistling or “cat calling”
Reporting Unacceptable Conduct
If you or anyone else is the subject of unacceptable conduct either in person or online, please contact any of the AZA staff below.

AZA has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment. If you experience or observe harassment or hear of any incidents of unacceptable behavior, AZA asks that you please inform any of the following so that we can take action:
Melissa Howerton 
(301) 244-3337
Candice Dorsey 
(301) 244-3339
Craig Hoover 
(301) 244-3345

All reports will be treated seriously and promptly. Incidents will be handled with respect for the privacy of the victim and will be confidential to the extent practical, given the circumstances. Reports may also be made anonymously.
The AZA staff receiving the report will respect any and all requests of the victim to remain anonymous. Unacceptable conduct may be part of a larger pattern of repeated harassment. Please alert AZA to all such conduct regardless of the offender’s identity or job title, even if you prefer your report to remain anonymous.

Upon receiving a complaint, the matter may be further investigated by additional AZA Staff. Actions to be taken will be discussed beforehand with the victim of the harassing behavior, where possible.

If the complaint is of a criminal nature, legal authorities will be notified.

If the offense is not of a criminal nature, the AZA staff receiving the report will gather information from the victim and discuss next steps.

If a person has been found to have harassed another person, any of the following may take place:
  • Issue a verbal or written warning
  • Suspend attendance at AZA-sponsored events
  • Prohibit attendance at any future meeting
Reports of unacceptable conduct by an individual may also be reported by AZA to an individual’s employer.

AZA has zero-tolerance for retaliation on-site, online or at a member facility against individuals for reporting unacceptable conduct at AZA-related events.

All payments must be made in U.S. funds, drawn on by a U.S. bank, and payable to AZA. Credit card payments will be processed in U.S. funds, in accordance with effective exchange rates. Statement to show a charge by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Registration Refunds
All registrations are nonrefundable.

Membership Requirement
AZA Commercial Membership is required for any individual representing a commercial entity (a company that provides products and services, including consultants). Non-member registration is only open to individuals employed by a zoo, aquarium, non-profit organization, or government agency. Non-member registration is not open to individuals employed by a non-member commercial entity. Consultants or individuals representing a commercial entity that is not a current AZA Commercial Member, Conservation Partner, or Exhibitor, are not eligible to register for the Conference.

Attendees representing a zoo, aquarium, non-profit organization, or government agency are not required to be individual members of AZA or work for an AZA-accredited institution in order to register for the Conference. 

Vendor Solicitations
Solicitation of attendees and exhibitors by non-sponsors is prohibited. Individuals found soliciting may be subject to expulsion and prohibited from attending future AZA meetings.

Digital Recording, Photography and Video
By registering, you grant AZA authorization to film, photograph, or otherwise document your participation in the event. You further agree that such images, photographs, and recordings may be used by AZA without prior approval to promote AZA and its events. Such use will not entitle you to any credit or compensation. You release AZA, its officers, employees, and vendors from any liability connected with the use of any image, photograph, or recording.

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