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Vendor Warnings

Official AZA Vendors
Exhibiting companies will be contacted by the following companies to provide you service at the Conference. AZA does not guarantee, endorse, or verify products or services from any other vendors. Housing
If you are contacted by a travel company or hotel discounter encouraging you to book your hotel reservation, these kinds of emails and calls are not affiliated with AZA. AZA does not partner with any hotel or travel companies and you will never be individually solicited to book your hotel reservation. Please only make hotel reservations from links provided to you by AZA. 

Attendee List Sales
AZA is aware that individuals have been contacted by the following vendors attempting to sell attendee lists. AZA does not sell attendee lists, nor does anyone besides AZA have access to an attendee list. Please forward to AZA (AZAMeetings@aza.org) any solicitation emails that you receive.
  • Jane Wills, Eventnewshub - jane@eventnewshub.com
  • Daniela Conner, Pro Data Leadzs - Daniela.conner@prodataleadzs.com
  • Ellen Hewitt, Affinique Info Data - ellen.hewitt@affiniqueinfodata.com
  • Kelly Clark, Instruction Info - kelly.clark@instructioninfo.com
  • David Justion - davidjustion@gmail.com
  • OnTrack Expo LLC - billing@ontrackexpo.com
  • Aim Digital Pros - info@amd.com
  • Asset Media Leads
  • b2bleadsandcontactsexpo, sales@b2bllcexpo.com
  • Thomas Allen, CRM Leads - thomas.allen@smarscrmleads.com
  • Contrack Expo - sales@ontrackexpo.com
  • expoandshowleadsb2b@gmail.com
  • Rosie Brown - rosie.brown@eventsbizdata.com
  • Skylar Hustler, Global Expo List - skylar.hustler@prodataleads.com
  • Sarah Smith - sarahsmithdata83@gmail.com
  • Lisa Debra - lisa.debra@expolists.com
  • Jane Grimsley, Demand Generation - jane.grimsley@globedata-biz.com
  • Kyle Pinkley,SAP Leads - kyle.pinkley@sapleads.com
  • Beth Anderson, B2B SurfData - beth.anderson@b2bsurfdata.com
  • Jane Olander - jane.olander@bandspectacular.com
  • Irene Sara, Global EXPO LIST - irene.sara@expodatallc.com
  • Patricia Ryan, Expo Data LLC - patricia.ryan@expodatallc.com
  • Chris Seman, Buy Tech Lists, chris.seman@buytechlist.com
  • Michelle Leonard, michelle.leonard@depressionesintomi.com
  • Jocelyn Clark, jocelyn.clark@eventdbs.info
  • Robert Galpin, Demand Generation Specialist, robert.galpin@ballna.com
  • Salisha Walker, Demand Generation Specialist, walkersalisha1@gmail.com
  • Alicia Vikander, Demand Generation Executive, aliciavikander.us020@gmail.com

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