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Poster Presentations

Posters will be on display during Exhibit Hall Hours in the rear of the Exhibit Hall.  Authors of each poster will be present for discussion during the Poster Reception, Tuesday, September 10, from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Beer, wine, and light appetizers will be served.

Posters are listed by primary track.


 Animal Management, Health & Welfare

Age-related Changes in Behavior and Glucocorticoid Production by Somali Wild Ass Foals (Equus africanus somaliensis)

  • Corinne Kozlowski, Endocrinologist, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Eli Baskir, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Helen Clawitter, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Tim Thier, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Martha Fischer, Saint Louis Zoo
  • David M. Powell, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Cheryl S. Asa, Saint Louis Zoo

Analysis of Maternal Behaviors from Labor to Cub Removal in Captive Amur Leopards

  • Teresa Sauer, Student, Fairfield University

Behavioral Responses of Tigers (Panthera tigris) to Olfactory Stimuli at the Bronx Zoo, New York

  • Hannah Dancy, Masters Student, Columbia University

Behavioral Thermoregulation in Asian Elephants at Audubon Zoo: Shade Seeking and Pool Usage

  • Michael Rowe, Assistant Professor of Physiology, Dillard University

Captive Populations as a Tool for Wildlife Research: Non-invasive Methods Assess the Stress Hormones and Health of Gentoo Penguins

  • Jessica Karan, Graduate Student, College of Charleston

Cetacean Welfare Study: Accredited Institutions Unite to Continuously Improve the Welfare of Cetaceans in Zoos and Aquariums

  • Lisa Lauderdale, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chicago Zoological Society

Change in Social Spacing in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas During Reproductive Period

  • Katherine Christie, Student, University of Georgia

Changes in the Demographic and Genetic Status of AZA Animal Populations Over Time

  • Judy Che-Castaldo, Research Scientist, Lincoln Park Zoo

Characterizing the Reproductive Biology of Zoo-housed Bactrian Camels (Camelus bactrianus) Using Fecal Hormone Metabolite Analysis

  • Katherine Fowler, Endocrinology Laboratory Associate, Lincoln Park Zoo

Connections of the Zoo Staff-Animal Bond and Ambassador Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Welfare

  • Brittany Fischer, Graduate Student, Center for Human-Animal Interactions Research & Education at The Ohio State University

Designing and Collaborating for Pangolin Husbandry Advancement

  • Amy Roberts, Senior Curator of Mammals, Brookfield Zoo

Dig It: Facilitating Intrinsically Reinforcing Natural Behavior for Two Species of Mole Rats at the Philadelphia Zoo

  • Michael Stern, Curator of Primates & Small Mammals, Philadelphia Zoo

Do Animal Care Staff Perceptions of Social Bonding Predict Oxytocin Concentrations in Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)?

  • Austin Leeds, Research Manager, Disney's Animal Kingdom
  • Mandi Schook, Science Operations Director, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Patricia Dennis, Epidemiologist, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Tara Stoinski, President and CEO/Chief Scientific Officer, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
  • Mark Willis, Department of Biology Chair, Case Western Reserve University
  • Kristen Lukas, Director of Conservation & Science, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Do Evening Zoo Events Influence Daytime Activity of Nearby Animals?

  • Cathleen Cox, Zoo Research Director, Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden

Do Routine Human-Animal Interactions Have the Physiological Responses We Expect?

  • Matthew Heintz, Research Associate, Detroit Zoological Society
  • Matthew Heintz, Research Associate, Detroit Zoological Society
  • Grace Fuller, Manager of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Detroit Zoological Society
  • Stephanie Allard, Director of Animal Welfare, Detroit Zoological Society

Don't Jinx It! Third Times the Charm: The Impact of Maternal Training on the Development of Natural Maternal Behaviors in a Naive 0.1 Mandrill

  • Courtney Eparvier, Curator of Primates and Sea Lions, Audubon Nature Institute

Dynamic Lighting Modifies Reptile Habitat Usage

  • Eli Baskir, Manager of Behavioral Research, Saint Louis Zoo

Effectiveness of a Screen Enclosure at Reducing Risk of Arbovirus Transmission to Captive Penguins

  • Geneve Darnell, Supervisor of Birds, The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Eight is GREAT - The Journey of Audubon Zoo's Primate Team Successfully Completing Eight Great Ape Transfers within 15 Months

  • Courtney Eparvier, Curator of Primates and Sea Lions, Audubon Nature Institute

Enrichment Evaluation Across Departments

  • Amy Roberts, Senior Curator of Mammals, Brookfield Zoo

Evolution in Animal Husbandry - Improving Welfare for Animal Ambassadors

  • Trinity Leiser, Outreach Programs Supervisor, Minnesota Zoo

Exhibit Rotation and Access: The Simple Bear Necessities

  • Laura Bernstein-Kurtycz, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Fast Cats Slow to Breed: A Review of Reproductive Research in Zoo-housed Cheetahs

  • Tori Roeder, Graduate Fellow, The Ohio State University

Gorilla R/R: It’s Time to Bring it Up Again

  • Kaylin Tennant, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Elena Less, Associate Curator of Animals, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Pam Dennis, Veterinary Epidemiologist, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Kristen Lukas, Director of Conservation and Science, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Hibernation Behavior and Ethogram of Captive Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus)

  • Dong-Hyuk Jeong, Chief Veterinarian, Species Restoration Technology Institute, Korea National Park Service

In the Eye of the Tiger, the Thrill is the Choice

  • Charles Ritzler, Graduate Research Associate, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Individual Differences in Initiation of Pectoral Fin Contact Exchanges in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

  • Riley Macgregor, Graduate Student, University of Southern Mississippi

Investigating Chronic Wasting Disease Susceptibility of Endangered Cervids

  • Tolulope Perrin-Stowe, PhD Candidate, UIUC

Let the Early Bird Sleep in; Impacts of Reducing Overnight Lighting around Aviary

  • Michelle Wood, Research Associate, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Maintaining Exhibit Water Quality Saving Time and Space Using Inexpensive Sustainable Constructed Wetlands

  • Kathleen Gries, Zoo Specialist, City of Baraboo Ochsner Park Zoo

Managing the Microbiome of Turtle Headstart Habitats

  • Monique Hazemi, Graduate Student, John G. Shedd Aquarium and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Methods of Preventing Food Loss Through Feeding of Captive Populations at Busch Gardens

  • Nathan Edwards, Student, Colorado State University

Overview of a Long-term Behavior and Welfare Assessment of California Sea Lions

  • Madeline Winans, Masters Student, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and The Ohio State University

Reproductive Analysis of a Female Jaguar (Panthera onca)

  • Susan Bowers, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University of Alexandria

Retrofitting Existing Exhibits in Zoos and Aquariums

  • Geneve Darnell, Supervisor of Birds, The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Socioecology of Zoologically-housed Western Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla): Measuring Social Spacing and the Introduction of an Artificial Termite Mound

  • Caroline Jones, Doctoral Candidate in Psychology, University of Georgia

The Ability of PGFM to Distinguish between Pregnancy and Pseudopregnancy in North American River Otters (Lontra canadensis), Asian Small-clawed Otters (Aonyx cinereus), and Giant River Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis)

  • Lauren Dubberley, Student, Colorado State University

The Relationship between Coat Color and Dominance in Female Sable Antelope Over Time

  • Taylor Wilson, Student, Otterbein University

Training American Black Bears for Voluntary Veterinary Care

  • Dakota Farquhar-Caddell, Associate Director of Student Activities, Baylor University
  • Robert L. Reid, Director of the Baylor Chamber of Commerce, Baylor University

Use of High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Monitor Nest Usage in the Northern Carmine Bee-eater (Merops n. nubicus)

  • Andrew Alba, Research Programs Specialist, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Using PMCTrack 2.0 to Help Species Survival Plan (SSP) Management: New Features for Coordinators, IRs, and ILs

  • Lisa Faust, Vice President, Conservation and Science, Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Raven Spencer, Research Coordinator, Alexander Center for Applied Population Biology, Lincoln Park Zoo

Why Are You Doing That and How Can I Get You to do Something Different? Using ZooMonitor to Set Behavioral Goals for Animals in Our Care

  • Molly Selleck, Student, Colorado State University and Downtown Aquarium Denver

Why Do Giant Anteaters Hate Weed Wackers? Exploring Anxiety Responses to Sound in the Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

  • Ashley Byun, Associate Professor, Fairfield University
  • Allie Martin, Fairfield University
  • Ryan Remeik, Fairfield University
  • Jim Knox, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
  • Rob Tomas, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo
  • Jack Vees, Yale School of Music
  • Laura McSweeney, Fairfield University

Zookeeper and Visitor Perceptions at Pueblo Zoo: Rating Welfare of African penguins (Spheniscus demerus), Hyacinth Macaws (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), African Painted Dog (Lycaon pictus), and Camels (Camelus bactrianus and Camelus dromedarius)

  • Suzie Halvorson, Student, Pueblo Zoo and Colorado State University

Aquarium Affairs

Flip or Flop: Mote's Journey Through DIY Exhibit Upgrades

  • Heather Hooper, Senior Aquarium Biologist/Aquarium Dive Safety Officer, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

Business Operations

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Evolving Plastic Policy - Increasing Impact

  • Andrea Densham, Senior Director Policy & Advocacy, John G. Shedd Aquarium

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Give a Sip

  • Karen Tingley, Director of Education, Wildlife Conservation Society

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Leveraging “Washed Ashore” to Reduce Single-use Plastics

  • Liz Larsen, Director of Conservation, Utah's Hogle Zoo

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Plastic Free EcoChallenge

  • Barb Revard, Director of Sustainability, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Sustainability Institute Collaboration

  • Elizabeth Bagley, Director of Sustainability, Steinhart Aquarium

Highlights of the 2019 Green Summit: Winning the Fight Against Single-use Plastic

  • David Wilke, Director of Facilities, Woodland Park Zoo

Silicon Zoo: Technology, Innovation, Affordability, and You

  • Jeremiah Gard, Director of Finance, Red River Zoo

Who Wants to be a Zookeeper? A Sneak Peek at Characteristics of Aspiring Zookeepers

  • Robert Mendyk, Curator of Herpetology, Audubon Zoo



A Big Impact with a Light Touch: The Oakland Zoo California Trail

  • Alyson Yarus, Associate Principal, Director of Animal Care Projects, Noll & Tam Architects

Acoustical Detection of Local, Free-flying Bats in Zoos: An Engaging Technique for Bat Education and Conservation

  • Jericho Whiting, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Behavioral Compatibility Between the Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia) and Goeldi’s Marmoset (Callimico goeldii)

  • Rebecca Lyons, Student, Fairfield University

Carrion for Vultures: A Wildlife Conservation Project to Protect Botswana’s Vultures

  • Erin Stotz, Community Conservation Manager, Denver Zoo

Conservation Genomics: Using Genome-Wide Markers to Assess and Improve Species Translocations

  • Samantha Capel, Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Conservation of the Endangered Curassows through Interspecific Germ Cell Transplantation

  • Ricardo Pereira, Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences - University of São Paulo - Brazil

Creating Effective Conservation Actions: A Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and North American Bird Conservation Initiative Collaboration

  • Nadya Bennett, Audience Research and Interpretive Specialist, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Engaging Local Communities to Create Social and Ecological Change: Lessons from Project Dragonfly’s Advanced Inquiry Program

  • Karen Plucinski, Assistant Director of AIP Program, Project Dragonfly, Miami University

Friends Without Benefits? Observations of Red Panda Mating Behaviors

  • Sean Coleman, Student, Fairfield University

From Conservation Message to Conservation Action

  • Michelle Hanenburg, Pinniped Primary Keeper, Utah's Hogle Zoo

Leveraging Visitor Pre-Dispositions to Do More for Wildlife

  • Shelley Rank, Research & Evaluation Associate, Wildlife Conservation Society

Sibling Rivalry: An Analysis of Pack Dynamics in a Newly Formed Pack of Captive Canis Lupus Baileyi

  • Alanna Goldy, Student, Fairfield University

Small Gatherings, Big Changes

  • Jessie Lowry, Director of Conservation and Research, Blank Park Zoo

The Conservation Trinity: A Three Point Scope for the Development of a Research & Conservation Department

  • Pedro Villarreal, Wildlife Behaviorist, The Texas Zoo

The Power of Social Network analysis: Understanding How the Endangered Red Siskin is Trafficked in Venezuela and Beyond

  • Kathryn Rodriguez-Clark, Population Ecologist, Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

To Bee or Not to Bee

  • Dominique Fleitas, Assistant Curator of Louisiana Swamp/Jaguar Jungle, Audubon Zoo

Turning Passion into Conservation Action

  • Terra Manasco, Conservation Manager, Birmingham Zoo

Development/Fundraising & Membership

Can’t Buy Me Love? Do Transactional Fundraising Campaigns Work?

  • Cressie Lewis, Individual Gifts Manager, Zoo Atlanta

Out of the Lab and Into the Limelight: Using Micro-Donation Fundraising and Education to Bring Our Conservation Stories to the Public

  • Elise Bernardoni, Senior Manager, Education Programs, Friends of the National Zoo


Assessing the Perceptions and Visitor Outcomes of Cheetahs used as Ambassador Animals

  • Brian Ogle, Assistant Professor, Anthrozoology, Beacon College

Beyond Zoo Gates: Extending Your Conservation Mission through Action-oriented Messaging

  • Sarah Aman, Designer, PGAV Destinations

Bringing Life to The Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom

  • Jon Ross, Animals in Film & TV Coordinator, Disney's Animals, Science and Environment

Connecting Citizen Science, Animals, and Eclipses

  • Elise Ricard, Public Programs Presenter Supervisor, California Academy of Sciences

Corporate Team Building:  Meaningful Fun that Can Show You the Money

  • Gillian Cardwell, Supervisor, Outreach Education, Calgary Zoo
  • Melissa Ledingham, Corporate Program Coordinator, Calgary Zoo

Earth Is Blue: Bringing Ocean Treasures to You

  • Claire Fackler, National Education Liaison, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Engaging Visitors in NASA Science with GLOBE Observer

  • Heather Mortimer, Graphic Designer and Technical Writer, NASA / SSAI / GLOBE Observer

Measuring Educator Science Attitudes: Survey Implications for Professional Development Assessment

  • Alexandra Beauchamp, Curatorial Science Fellow, Wildlife Conservation Society

Quick Evaluation Strategy to Determine Effectiveness of Programs

  • Emily Kalnicky, Evaluation and Research Specialist, Minnesota Zoological Gardens

Staffing a District-Wide MWEE Through Partnerships Between Aquariums and Colleges/Universities

  • Symone Johnson, Program Lead, National Aquarium

STEM at the Zoo: Successes and Next Steps

  • Liz Gilles, School Programs Supervisor, Minnesota Zoo

The Effects of Education at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge: Assessing Change in Visitors' Knowledge and Attitudes

  • Kate Chapman, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

The Half-Earth Project, Engaging Public and Educator Audiences in a Transcendent Biodiversity Conservation Goal

  • Dennis Liu, Vice President for Education, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

The Mutualistic Benefits of an Educational Affiliation with a Zoological Facility

  • Anastasia Wheeler, Safari Supervisor, Six Flags Great Adventure

The Value of Indoor Nature Play Spaces

  • Josh Dodson, Interpretation Manager, Indianapolis Zoo

Wildlife CSI: Empowering Youth to Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

  • Sarah Metzer, Education Specialist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Zoo House Rock: Salisbury University and The Salisbury Zoo: Development of Mutually Beneficial Programs

  • Mary Gunther, Instructor, Salisbury University

Zoo Staff and Volunteer Professional Development in Informal Science Learning

  • Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, Ph.D., Education Research Scientist, Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo
  • Cory Wilcox, Senior Manager of Education Strategies and Research, Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo

Trends & More

Accessibility for All - A New Network Serving Guests with Special Needs

  • Tom Naiman, Director of Education, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Best of Safety Summit 2019

  • David Ruhl, Chief Operating Officer, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Discover the Biodiversity Heritage Library

  • Stephen Cox, Librarian, National Zoological Park & Conservation Biology Institute, Smithsonian Institution

Enrichment for Animals… and for Students: How a New University Course Engages Local Students in Zoo Animal Welfare

  • David Orban, Animal Excellence Manager, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Establishing an Educational System for the Future: King Conservation Leadership Academy

  • Lisa-Anne Kelly, Education Research Scientist, Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo

Guest Perception of Visual Overload in Relation to Vendor Signage

  • Abigail Pope, Audience Research and Interpretive Content Assistant, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Participatory Design Tools for Audience Engagement

  • Emily O'Hara, Curator of Exhibit Design, Detroit Zoological Society

Seizing the Awe-portunity: Developing an Instrument to Find Awe at the Denver Zoo

  • Brian O'Connell, Student, Colorado State University

Supporting Access to Zoological Literature: Article Definition in the Biodiversity Heritage Library

  • Stephen Cox, Librarian, National Zoological Park & Conservation Biology Institute, Smithsonian Institution

Voices From The Arctic: Who's Watching?

  • Erin Tate, Conservation Audience Research and Evaluation (CARE) Associate, Saint Louis Zoo

Weather and Its Impacts on Zoo Visitation

  • Zachary Sandler, Student, Colorado State University

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