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Green Mission

AZA is committed to using as many environmentally responsible practices as possible and feasible for the Annual Conference.  The below measures are in place and AZA is committed to carrying out these practices and encouraging all participants and attendees of the conference to do the same.


Conference Promotional Materials

  • AZA prints all promotional materials on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks when available.
  • In all promotional pre-conference materials, AZA strongly encourages attendees to register online, rather than mailing a hardcopy registration form. 
Conference Registration Materials
  • All registration confirmation materials and badge previews will be emailed to attendees.  Emailing a badge preview prevents the printing of multiple, incorrect badges.
  • Registration bags will be produced from eco-friendly materials.  Attendees are encouraged to reuse bags in the future.
  • Recycling receptacles for attendee registration badges will be located at the registration desk and at Zoo Day to collect unwanted badge holders for re-use at other conferences and meetings.
Conference Program Materials
  • AZA will be printing the program guide on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks.  Attendees are encouraged to only take one copy and dispose of in the recycle bins located throughout the convention center.
  • A mobile app and mobile website will be made available, giving attendees the option to go paper-light.
  • All directional and room signage is reused by AZA from one event to another, whenever possible.
  • AZA encourages all speakers to provide their handouts or presentations to be posted on the website after the conference for Member access.

Exhibit Hall

  • All conference exhibitors and participants are strongly encouraged to use sustainable products for any promotional giveaway items.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to participate in Lead Retrieval.  Attendees will have a bar code on their registration badges, allowing exhibitors to scan their badge to acquire contact information.  This will cut down on the number of business cards being distributed.
  • Any box lunch in the Exhibit Hall will be offered either without a box, or in recyclable containers or a reusable lunch bag when possible.
  • All carpet, table clothes and signage in the Exhibit Hall will be recycled or reused as much as possible.
  • Low lighting and air conditioning levels will be practiced during Exhibit Hall set up and tear down, and a schedule of conservative lighting use during non-event hours will be established.
  • Attendees are provided or encouraged to bring reusable water bottles.
Sustainability at the Indiana Convention Center
The Indiana Convention Center is committed to supporting and encouraging sustainable practices. Read all about the Convention Center's sustainable business practices.

Sustainability at the Conference Hotels
The new and improved green Marriott experience is taking shape at Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. They have put into place a series of sustainable hotel practices to position our property as one of the leading eco responsible businesses in the area.  And learn how the Westin Indianapolis is working to help the environment!

Green Practices at Indianapolis Zoo
A key component of the Indianapolis Zoo's conservation mission is to promote sustainability. The Zoo tackles this mission on multiple fronts, including initiating and maintaining green practices at the Zoo and encouraging others to adopt a "greener" way of life. Check out some of the programs and exhibit features at the Zoo that help set a good example for sustaining a healthy environment in Indianapolis and far beyond.

Carbon Offset Donation by Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL)
Thanks to a generous donation by Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL), Indianapolis Zoo's community partner, 56 tonnes of CO2 offsets have been purchased to assist in offsetting the carbon impact related to the Annual Conference. 

Carbon Offsetting with Central Indiana Land Trust Tree Planting Program
Indianapolis Zoo has partnered with Central Indiana Land Trust to help attendees offset their carbon emissions from traveling to Indianapolis.  Starting in 2017, native hardwood trees will be planted at the Wallace F. Holladay Nature Preserve located near the Indianapolis International Airport.  The preserve is located within CILTI’s Indiana Bat Conservation Area and the species being planted will be reflective of native hardwood forests in Central Indiana with an emphasis on species well suited for the federally endangered Indiana bat as well as others that benefit wildlife native to the area.  CILTI’s Strategic Conservation Plan outlines several thousand acres needing forest restoration through tree planting so as each site is complete, a new site will be selected for carbon offset tree planting.  This strategic approach will benefit native plants and animals in Central Indiana and we will connect people to the wonder of Indiana’s natural heritage through these natural areas.

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