NEW - The Evening Buzz

Monday, September 11, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Annual Conference Program Committee has added a NEW event called the Evening Buzz - an informal and enjoyable way to extend program learning into the evening. Curated by the Committee, this event will feature many short, individual talks presented in a new, interactive and fun format.  Moderated by Committee Vice-Chair Sean Devereaux, The Buzz will be full of information you don't want to miss!  A cash bar will be available.

Presentations include:

Six Steps to Luminous Enrichment in Animal Care
  • Dr. James Karl Fischer, Executive Director, The Zoological Lighting Institute
Incorporating Research into the Operation and Culture of the Zoo: A "How to Guide"
  • Michael Renner, Professor of Biology and Psychology, Drake University
Stuck in the Middle With You: How to Continue Your Career Development as a Mid Level Manager
  • Lynn McDuffie, Animal Records & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Great Ape Heart Project-Utilizing Proactive Animal Health Care in a PR Crisis
  • Dr. Hayley Murphy, VP Animal Divisions, Zoo Atlanta
Just Do It! Preschool at Your Zoo or Aquarium
  • Stacy McReynolds, Vice President of Education, San Antonio Zoo
An Evaluation of Jaguars (Panthera onca) as an Umbrella Species for Endemic Herpetofauna in Nuclear Central America
  • Dr. Joe Figel, Conservation Biologist, University of Central Florida
Thinking Outside of the Box
  • Carlos Andres Collante Carreño, Experience Manager, Fundación Zoológica de Cali - Cali Zoological Foundation
Animals in the Classroom: Fomenting Empathy Towards Wildlife by Saving Local Tadpoles
  • Dr. Carlos Cesar Martinez Rivera, Amphibian Conservation Biologist, Philadelphia Zoo
Salamander Saturday: Creating a National Movement
  • Megan Baumer, Supervisor of Ectotherms, Fort Worth Zoo
Determination of Incidence and Prediction of Survival of Zoological Species with Cancer Using Multi-institutional Data
  • Dr. Tara Harrison, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Using DNA to Establish the Provenance of African Elephants and Fight Ivory Trafficking
  • Dr. Alfred Roca, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Closing the Gap: Inquiry-Based Learning in Animal Ambassador Programs
  • Max Cawley, Associate Program Manager of Learning Philosophy and Evaluation, Museum of Life and Science
Wishing on a STAAR - Improving High Stakes Test Scores through Aquarium Learning
  • Leslie Peart, Vice President for Education and Conservation, Texas State Aquarium

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